Profit Genesis Review – $24,500 Per Month?

Profit Genesis Review



Price: $37 (plus upsells)


profit genesis reviewDavid Miller, the creator of Profit Genesis, says that his system will allow you to make up to $24,500 per month.

That’s pretty impressive, but it’s the sort of boast that I see all the time in the make money online sector.

Still, money is money, and even if his Profit Genesis system allows you to earn just a fraction of that, it might be worthwhile to take a look at the system and see what it’s all about.

Profit Genesis is actually titled “Profit Genesis Reloaded,” as it’s a retooling of an earlier product.

David says that his system will allow you to get started fast, make money without spending a fortune, and that the system is so simple that even his grandmother could do it.

That sounded interesting, so I decided to take a closer look.  Is Profit Genesis a scam, or is it the real deal?

Read on for the full Profit Genesis review.

Profit Genesis Overview

Profit Genesis is sold through Clickbank, and you’ll get access to the product as soon as you pay for it, regardless of the time of day.

Unlike most Clickbank products, which tend to be books in PDF format, Profit Genesis is entirely a video course.

There are pros and cons to that; I would personally prefer to read material at a pace of my choosing than to have to watch videos.  But that’s my personal preference, and I understand that many, if not most, people would prefer to watch video so they can be shown what to do.


The Profit Genesis program consists of:

  • 23 instructional videos that run anywhere from 2 to 17 minutes in length
  • Bonus book: Top 10 High Demand Products ebook (13 page PDF)
  • Bonus book: Speed Success Secrets ebook (63 page PDF)

That’s the Profit Genesis course; the videos are divided into three sections, Days 1-10, Days 11-20, Days 21-30.

So, what is Profit Genesis all about?  The sales page, while going on about profits, getting people out of debt, and ease of making money, really doesn’t say what the course is about.

There is a vague reference to an “ecommerce store,” but that’s about it.

Actually, and ecommerce store is exactly what Profit Genesis is about.

You’ll be building an online store using perhaps the best-known of the turnkey store building products on the market – Shopify.

Profit Genesis is a Shopify tutorial and it’s a good one.

Shopify lets you build a professional-looking online retail store in a relatively short amount of time and it lets you do it for a relatively low price.

profit genesis scamYou build the store, list the products you have for sale, and the Shopify system can keep track of sales and handle the finances for you, so all you have to do is pack and ship the products or arrange to have them shipped if you’re using a dropshipping service.

If Shopify is so simple, then what do you need Profit Genesis for?

That’s easy – it’s one thing to build a store.  It’s another thing to make money from it.  That’s the hard part.

A lot of people have failed with Shopify because they build a store that already has a ton of competition, and they find that they can’t get the site to rank in the search engines and they can’t get any traffic to their store.

That, in turn, means that they don’t make any sales.

The truth is that building any online business is hard work and takes time and effort.

It also helps if you have a niche product that isn’t being sold just anywhere.

profit genesis bonusesThat’s where Profit Genesis shines.  The videos will show you how to build your store, and they’ll show you how to put products in it and make it attractive and functional.

But several of the videos in the Profit Genesis course are there to show you how to pick the right product, and you can’t emphasize that enough.

You want to pick a product that will sell, but you want to specialize.  You need to find a small segment of the market that isn’t overly competitive and which still has enough interested buyers that you can create a store that will make money.

The videos cover this topic well, and by the time you’ve watched them a couple of times, you’ll get a good idea as to what sort of products will work and which products you definitely want to avoid.

The bonus book, Top 10 High Demand Products, will also give you some ideas in addition to the ones presented in the videos.  It’s very important that you use these suggestions as suggestions only.

Rest assured – a bunch of people who have purchased Profit Genesis will try to build stores using the exact products suggested in the course, and they’re going to find that they’re competing against dozens or even hundreds of other stores that are trying to do the same thing.

Use the videos as a guide and find something to sell that’s truly unique, and you can succeed with the Profit Genesis system.

Once you decide what your product will be, Profit Genesis will show you, in four different videos, how to find a source for that particular product.  You can have the product shipped to you so that you pack it and mail it when you make a sale or you can have it dropshipped so that it’s automatically sent by the manufacturer to the buyer after purchase.

Later videos in the series will show you how to get traffic to your site through organic search engine searches and by purchasing paid advertising on a several recommended platforms.

All in all, the videos in the Profit Genesis course are short, to the point, and easy to understand and follow.

The $24,500 monthly earnings mentioned in the sales page are probably possible, but I wouldn’t say they’re likely.  Then again, it should be possible to make money with this system, as Shopify is a proven platform.

The key is picking the right product.  If you do that, the Profit Genesis should help you make money.

Pros and Cons of Profit Genesis


  • Affordable course
  • Good videos that are easy to follow and not too long
  • Solid instruction


  • No PDF option to read the course instead of watching it
  • Numerous upsells
  • Bonuses aren’t overly helpful

Profit Genesis Summary

profit genesis - thumbs upThere’s a lot of money to be had in online commerce, and if you can find the right product, build an attractive store, and promote it effectively, it is possible to make money.

Profit Genesis offers a good overview of how to build an ecommerce store using Shopify and the course shows you how to choose a product, find a supplier, and build an attractive and functional store that will work for you.

If you’re looking for a long-term way of making money online, ecommerce is a good choice, and Profit Genesis can help you succeed.

Profit Genesis is highly recommended.

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