Real Writing Jobs Review – Get Paid to Write?

Real Writing Jobs Review – Easy Money for Writing?



A product called Real Writing Jobs says they have more openings for writers than they can fill and you can make money writing from home.  Not only that, but they’re going to show you how to write, where to find the jobs, and tell you how you can make money blogging, writing articles for magazines, improving movie scripts, and more.  Is Real Writing Jobs the real deal?  Read on for our full Real Writing Jobs review.

real writing jobsIt’s true that you can make money writing.  People write for a living all the time.  That’s how we get magazines, newspapers, movie scripts, blogs, and best-selling novels.  But the idea that someone would pay you, with no experience, to write seems pretty interesting, especially since Real Writing Jobs says that they’ll give you everything you need to know to make money writing.  I’m intrigued by this idea; after all, I write a lot on this blog and any opportunity to make more money doing what I’m already doing seems pretty appealing.  So what’s inside the Real Writing Jobs members area?  Let’s take a look.

Real Writing Jobs Overview

Real Writing Jobs sells for $68, though there is often a discount code on the sales page that lets you purchase the product for half price.  There are also a couple of upsells that likely have little to do with writing, since most of what you’ll find in the Real Writing Jobs members area doesn’t have anything to do with getting paid to write, as you’ll soon see.


The first thing that you see when you log into the Real Writing Jobs members area is a big red flag.  There’s a huge banner at the top of the page that says “Step 1 – Getting Started – We suggest that you do this first.”  What is it that Real Writing Jobs says I should do first?  I should click on a button that says “Click here to start” and I expect that it’s going to take me to some training or something.  But it doesn’t; it takes me to another Website where I’m shown a video for something called the Guaranteed Outcome System.  That’s a software product for Forex trading, which, as you might have guessed, has nothing to do at all with getting paid to write.

real writing jobs scamNot a good sign.  Below the banner for the “bonus” Forex product that I’d have to actually pay for is the portal to the members area that’s divided into five sections:

The Writing Job Database
Premium Writing Jobs
More Ways to Make $$$
Writing Contests
Write for Magazines

There is also a section labeled “Tutorials” that actually only has one tutorial – an article about how to write and submit articles to online article directories.  The other items in the “Tutorial” section are various “bonuses”, such as a free Website that Real Writing Jobs claims has a $1995 value.  The site is free, but if you agree to take it, you’re going to end up paying a lot of money with a Web hosting company called Coolhandle, that I know, from personal experience, is one of the worst hosting companies in the industry.  But again, what does a free Website have to do with Real Writing Jobs?  Nothing.

If you click on either of the links for writing jobs, you’ll see some classified ads that have likely been scraped from various places around the Web.  Among the listings were an ad for a proofreader job in Santa Monica, California and an editor’s job in Bend, Oregon.  Neither of these jobs were entry level positions and both of them required that you move to those respective cities to do the job, so I’m not sure about the claims that you can work from home are valid.  One of the positions was for a translator who can translate from Korean to English.  So much for the “no experience needed” claim on the Real Writing Jobs home page.

real writing jobs reviewIn addition to these pointless classified ads that aren’t going to get you jobs working from home, you’ll find a link for making money by writing for magazines.  Yes, many magazines do pay people to write articles for them, and a simple Google search would show you such sites for free.  Nevertheless, you’ll find a listing of several hundred such magazines at Real Writing Jobs, only now you’ve paid up to $68 to see it.  There’s also a link to a site called, which is a site where people who need articles written can hire writers to write them.  If you go sign up at that site, you can potentially find people who will hire you, but again, this is a well-known Website, so you don’t need to pay $68 to learn about it from Real Writing Jobs.

When you sign up for Real Writing Jobs, you’ll also get what they claim are several thousand dollars in bonuses, most of which have nothing to do with getting paid to write:

Make Money as a Professional Blogger
Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program
Make Money with Twitter
Domain Cash Generator
Make Money Selling on eBay
Make Money with Google

These are ebooks and training courses that have been around for years, and they’re mostly private label rights products that you can often find for free.  You do get one bonus that’s actually related to writing – a copy of MaxType Lite typing tutor software.  Of course, this is a free product that’s available for download from a variety of sources.

One thing that really stuck out for me on the Real Writing Jobs sales page was the suggestion that you could “help improve books & movie scripts.”  I seriously doubt that any Hollywood studio is going to hire someone with no experience to help them “improve” their movie scripts, and there’s nothing in the entire members area that offers even a clue as to how you would go about doing that.

Real Writing Jobs is one of those “everything but the kitchen sink” kind of products.  Their real product doesn’t exist; they claim that you can buy their product with no experience and they’ll show you how to make money writing.  They don’t do that, so they give you a bunch of unrelated products and then shamelessly also try to get you to buy other products that aren’t related to writing, but for which they’d receive a commission.

Real Writing Jobs Summary

real - writing jobs thumbs downIs Real Writing Jobs a scam?  Yes, and it’s one of the worst products I’ve ever reviewed.  What you get for buying Real Writing Jobs is a list of classified ads that are scraped from the Web, a brief tutorial on how to write articles for article directories, a pile of worthless recycled products in the make money online niche, and sales pitches for unrelated products that also don’t work.

You can make money online, but you’re not going to learn how to do that buy purchasing Real Writing Jobs.  If you are really interested in earning a living while working from home, then you should skip Real Writing Jobs and pay a visit to Wealthy Affiliate.  This site will show you how to build, from the ground up, a legitimate online business.  You’ll learn, make friends, and see how a real system that teaches people how to earn money online works.  You can even join for free, which is more than I can say about Real Writing Jobs.

Real Writing Jobs is emphatically not recommended.

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