Internet Marketing and Shiny Objects

Internet Marketing – Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

Internet marketing in general, and affiliate marketing in particular, are popular ways of making money online.  There are lots of ways to do it, but some work better than others.  There are, however, some tried-and-true methods for making money online that do work, have always worked, and will likely continue to work for the foreseeable future.

internet marketing and shiny objectsThe problem is that a lot of would-be Internet marketers tend to overlook the obvious things that do work, because they’re not fancy and they aren’t fast, and they tend to take a lot of time to work.  Instead of working with those methods that are proven to work, they try to get rich quickly by following every new “shiny object” that pops up in the marketplace.

What do I mean by “shiny object?”

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High Ticket Products – Getting More From Less

High Ticket Products – Less Can Be More

I’ve written a lot about affiliate marketing, and how it can present a great opportunity to work online from home.  People are always looking for validation before they purchase anything, and finding a Website or blog that recommends a product they’re already interested in can help them make a decision to buy.  In the meantime, if you’ve recommended a place to buy that product and provided them with a link with which they can make their purchase, you can profit from helping someone make their buying decision.

Ohigh ticket productsf course, it can be tedious trying to earn money this way if you’re selling relatively inexpensive items.  Lots of people decide to promote products that are commodities, such as DVDs or video games, and while these products are big sellers, they don’t pay a whole lot of money on a per sale basis.  If you’re an Amazon affiliate, for instance, that 4% commission from the sale of a $10 DVD is only going to amount to about 40¢ for your work.  While cash is cash, you should be asking yourself, “Can I do better?”  Of course you can, and the answer is high ticket products.

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Affiliate Programs – Things to Consider When Choosing One

Affiliate Programs – Low or High?

If you’re trying to work online from home, affiliate marketing is a good way to go.  You can effectively sell things without having things to sell, by merely talking about a product and persuading people to buy it.  Then you can refer them to the Website where the product can be found for sale and if they buy, you earn a commission.  While those are the basics, there are a few factors to consider when choosing among various affiliate programs.

affiliate programsAs I’ve mentioned before, there are literally thousands of affiliate programs from which to choose, and they cover just about every conceivable marketing niche.  That’s great, because you can find something to promote if you’re a fan of dogs, someone who likes to cook, or even someone who thinks flying in a private jet is a fun thing to do.  For just about anything that anyone likes, there are affiliate programs to help promote them.  It’s a great marketing tool, because vendors effectively have people providing advertising on speculation – if they don’t make any sales, they’re not going to get paid, but the product gets advertised, anyway.

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