WordPress Plugins – Which Ones Are Essential?

WordPress Plugins – Which Ones Must You Have?


I’ve written a number of posts about WordPress, which I believe to be the easiest and most useful way of publishing a Website today.  Like everyone else, I used to create Websites in HTML, but WordPress is easier to use, is more configurable and much more flexible, thanks to WordPress plugins, which are tools that can add to the functionality of a Website.  While a site will work just fine without any WordPress plugins at all, adding a few can provide a dramatically different user experience for both the creators of the site and the site visitors.

wordpress plugins 101I saw an interesting question about WordPress plugins on a marketing forum recently that led to some interesting replies.  The question was “Which WordPress plugins do you regard as essential?”  You might think that this was a pretty simple and straightforward question, and yet it led to dozens of replies, and they were all different.  It seems that no two people can agree on what, exactly, constitutes “essential WordPress plugins”, nor can any one agree on which ones, or even how many, one needs to run one’s Website effectively.

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