Grammar Mistakes Can Cost You Money

Grammar Mistakes and Blogging


Blogging is a great way to get started if you want to make money online.  All you have to do is find a topic that you’re passionate about, create some good content on a regular basis to draw in visitors to your site, and find a product related to your niche that you can promote or sell to your site visitors.  It’s a solid method of making money online, and it’s a lot of fun, too.

grammar mistakes while bloggingThere’s one common problem that a lot of bloggers have, however, that can dramatically affect how well your business can work.  Grammar mistakes, misspelled words, and punctuation problems can hurt you, since visitors may see such problems and decide that you’re either unprofessional or that you simply don’t know what you’re talking about.  The English language is a difficult one to master, even for native speakers, but making sure that you avoid the most common errors can help you both professionally and financially.  In this post, I’ll cover some common grammar mistakes that frequently pop up on Websites.

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Blog Content – Is Long Content Really Necessary?

Blog Content – Long or Short?


In previous posts, I’ve written a lot about the importance of blog content.  Regardless of how you plan to monetize your Website or blog, the content is important.  You want to create a site that has information that people will want to read, and ideally, information that people will want to share with their friends and family.  The more people like what you have to say, the more likely they are to refer others to your site.

blog contentBlog content isn’t just important for keeping visitors happy.  It’s also important for helping the search engines find your site.  Search engines look over your blog content to see what your site is about, and based on that, they determine where to place your site’s pages and posts in their listings.  Obviously, you want to get recognition from the search engines, as it’s the best way to get free traffic to your site.  But what sort of blog content works best?  Is long content always better than short content?

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Free Blogs – Should You Use Them?

Free Blogs Have Good and Bad Points

There are always expenses to be paid if you’re going to work in affiliate marketing.  If you’re going to make money online, you’re going to have to spend some money to get there.  There’s no way around that, but there’s nothing wrong with looking for ways to save money if you can.  One of the ongoing, nagging expenses of working in Internet marketing is having to buy domain names and pay for Web hosting.  Free blogs could solve that problem, as you wouldn’t have to buy a domain name and you wouldn’t have to pay for hosting.

free blogsOf course, there are some drawbacks to using free blogs, and those drawbacks may or may not be important to you.  Some people feel that they should start with free blogs and then, when they start to earn some money, they can move to paid hosting and their own domain names.  There are pros and cons to using free blogs, and in this post I’ll talk about the advantages of using free blogs and some good reasons why you may wish to avoid them.

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Affiliate Marketing is Perfect for Newbies

Affiliate Marketing Has It’s Advantages


I’ve written a lot about affiliate marketing on this blog, and you might think from reading my various posts that I think it’s the only way to make money online.  That’s not the case, and in fact, it’s not even the only way that I make money online.  I have one site where I do direct retail – I actually put products in boxes and mail them to people.  It’s not my primary method of making money, but rather an offshoot of a hobby and I do it because I enjoy it.  It’s a nice diversion from my main method of earning money – affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing tipsWhile you can make money by putting things in boxes, it has some decided disadvantages when compared with affiliate marketing.  You need boxes, and a place to put them.  You need merchandise, and a place to store it.  You need scales and packing tape and packing peanuts and bubble wrap and all of that requires space, too.  Of course, selling merchandise directly is a profitable business model, and Amazon certainly seems to be doing OK with it.  But affiliate marketing offers a few advantages over other methods of making money online that makes it perfect for just about anyone, including newbies who are just getting started.

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Blogging Tips – Steps to Help You Get it Right

Blogging Tips – It’s About Consistency and Passion


If there’s one thing I write about a lot here, it’s blogging.  There’s a good reason for that – it probably represents the easiest path to success in all of Internet marketing.  You don’t need to buy advertising, and if you do it correctly, the search engines will index your content and your visitors will find you without much promotional effort on your part.  Still, there is a process, so today, I’ll offer a few blogging tips that might help make it easier for you to see some success online.

blogging tipsBlogging isn’t the quickest path to success, by any means.  For that, you should probably try pay per click advertising.  With PPC, you can have visitors to your site or ad in just a matter of minutes, but it is going to cost you money and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can cost you a lot of money without you ever earning a dime.   That’s why I recommend blogging for newbies.  You just need to find a topic, write about it in a way that interests and engages your readers, and find a way to tie in your content with something you can sell or promote that will allow you to earn money.

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Blogging Your Way to Success

Blogging for Profit

The recession of a few years ago may be over, but there are still a lot of people out there who are either unemployed or underemployed, as in, they’re working, but not working as much as they’d like to be.  That’s understandable; we all want to work, not only to earn money, but because it keeps us busy and adds value to our lives.  Sometimes, however, work just isn’t going to come to you; you’re going to have to go out and find it, or in some cases, create it.

bloggingBlogging is a great way to do that, especially if you know how to write and you’re good at typing.  Conveniently, you’ll become better at both of those things with a bit of practice.  It takes a while to get into the rhythm of writing, but if you start blogging, and create posts on a daily basis, you’ll soon find that rhythm.  In addition, the more you type, the better you’ll get at that, and the work goes a lot faster if you can type well.  There are even online training courses that will teach you how to type properly and many of them are free.  With that out of the way, the question becomes this – If you’re out of work, why not start blogging?

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Blogging and Making Money Online

Making Money with Blogging

There are lots of ways to make money online, and if I wanted to write about all of them, I’d be writing forever.  There is no “right way” to work online from home; you just have to find the method that works for you.  I’ve been an Internet marketer for ten years now, and I’ve tried just about everything I’ve encountered that made any kind of sense to me at the time.  Some things worked out and others didn’t, but blogging offers some advantages that other methods don’t.

blogging is funOver the years, I’ve literally built thousands of Websites.  In fact, in early 2012, I had more than 1500 of them.  At once.  Those sites were hosted on four dedicated servers that cost me just under $1000 per month in hosting fees.  I was working really long hours, because in addition to creating more Websites, I was spending a tremendous amount of time maintaining the ones I had.  I’d have issues with hackers and all kinds of other problems that had me constantly dealing with my hosting company’s tech support and then…

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Better Blogging Tips- Sometimes, Less is More

Blogging Tips – Keys to Better Results

One great way to make money through affiliate marketing is to create a blog.  If your blog is about a subject that you’re passionate about, you can gain a loyal following of readers and make some money, too, by gently promoting products that are related to your blog’s subject on your site.  There are endless topics upon which you could write on a regular basis while still making money, as there are plenty of interesting niches out there.  If you like quilting, for example, you could write about that regularly while promoting books or supplies related to quilts.

bloggingLots of people get started blogging and then give it up because they aren’t seeing instant results of they’re not getting their blog listed in the search engines results pages (SERPS.)   There are millions of blogs out there and the search engines do not give them all equal weight.  What they want is to see blogs with real, meaningful content, and one that can stand the test of time.  Lots of blogs are thrown up with auto-generated junk content and the search engines want to make sure that a blog is something that will be useful to their visitors before they rank them highly in their SERPS.

Here are a few tips that can help you engage in better blogging which will, in turn, produce more visitors and in the end, more money:

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