Make Money With Clickbank – High Commissions; Lots of Products

Make Money With Clickbank in Any Niche



There are lots of ways to make money online, and one of the easiest and the most popular is to provide information in the form of downloadable products.  You don’t have to store them, pack them or ship them, and the buyers can receive their product as soon as they complete the payment for it.  Of course, creating video courses, PDF book and such takes a lot of time and effort and that’s why a lot of marketers prefer to make money with Clickbank instead.

make money with clickbankWith Clickbank, you’ll be able to make money from information products, training courses, books, videos and more without having to create the product, package the product or ship the product.  That’s all done by other people, and Clickbank will handle the transactions, payment issues and even refunds, if necessary.  All you have to do is sign up, find a product to recommend to your site visitors and collect commissions of up to 75% of the sales price.  A lot of affiliate marketers make money with Clickbank, and if you’re new to Internet marketing, it’s a great place to start.

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Clickbank Fees Can Be Expensive

Clickbank Trap – Set Your Payment Threshold Correctly

I’ve written quite a lot about using Clickbank as a source for finding products to promote through affiliate marketing.  There’s a lot to like about Clickbank; they offer encryption of your affiliate links, they offer decent analytics, and they offer a wide variety of products to promote in a broad range of market niches.  If you do your research properly, you can find a lot of profitable products to promote there.  You do, however, have to keep an eye on Clickbank fees or you can easily find yourself paying out a lot of money in commissions right back to the company.  You don’t want that, obviously, but unless you’re paying attention, that’s exactly what will happen.

clickbank logoClickbank primarily makes their money by taking a percentage of the sale of each item sold. For most products, that fee is about 7.5% of the sales price.  The remainder of the sales price is divided between the product vendor and the affiliate who made the sale, if applicable.  The percentage paid to the affiliate is determined by the vendor, with minimum and maximum amounts set by Clickbank.  You’d think that it ends there, but actually, there’s one other way that Clickbank makes money, and they earn it from lazy affiliates who aren’t paying attention to their account settings.  If you don’t set up your affiliate account correctly, you may find yourself earning commissions for sales and then paying them back to the company before you even receive them!

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Clickbank Products and How to Find Them

Clickbank Products and Affiliate Links

Setting up a Website is one of the primary steps in your quest to work online from home, but once you have a site, you need something to promote in order to make money.  There are many ways to do this, as affiliate marketing is quite versatile.  There are tens of thousands of kinds of products that you can promote, including both digital (downloadable) products and physical products.  I’ll talk about digital Clickbank products first, as it’s a good way to give you an overview of the process of getting an affiliate link.  If you’re promoting physical products, such as those offered by Amazon, the process is similar.

clickbank products logoClickbank is a digital publisher; it’s a company that makes it easy to sell and to promote downloadable software, ebooks and more.  There are literally tens of thousands of Clickbank products for sale, and it’s easy to find one to promote.  It’s also quite easy to become an affiliate through Clickbank, so it’s a great way for a beginning marketer to start.  You can find Clickbank products at their Website, and there you can create an account.  You’ll need to create an account nickname and a password and answer a simple survey.   The questions aren’t vital; just answer them as best you can.

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