Clickbank Products – Are They Scams?

Clickbank Products and Scams

I’ve written a bit about Clickbank products, and over time, I’m likely to write a lot more.  Clickbank products are useful for affiliate marketing because many of them sell well and provide people who want to work online from home with commissions.  In addition, many of the people who create Clickbank products often provide useful tools for their affiliates.  If you search online for anything having to do with Clickbank products, you’ll often find the word “scam” in there somewhere.   Are Clickbank products scams?  If not, what’s the story?

clickbank products logoThe truth is that some Clickbank products are scams, and some are not.   That seems obvious, but Clickbank is huge.  In 2011, the site had nearly 50,000 products for sale.  Any time you have that many products for sale anywhere, you’re going to find that some of them are good and some of them are not.  That’s true at Clickbank and it’s equally true of Amazon or Wal-Mart.   So yes, some Clickbank products are going to be scams.  The company tries to weed them out and they do the best they can.  Over the years, they’ve improved their checks on refund rates and products that have a lot of refunds tend to get deserved scrutiny.  If the company then discovers that a product is dishonest or misleading, they’ll remove it from the marketplace. Still, no system is perfect, and some Clickbank products are going to be scams.

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