Continuity Programs Have Their Upside

Continuity Programs Aren’t All Bad

Continuity programs, also known as membership sites or membership programs, have their pros and cons in the world of affiliate marketing.  They’re often added as an upsell to low priced products in the make money online niche, and in those cases, the profits realized from the upsell can easily exceed the profits from the front end product itself.  That’s good for the vendor and their affiliates, but continuity programs can be an expensive headache for buyers.

continuity programs - greedWhile continuity programs can give buyers the impression that the vendor is just trying to milk them for all of the money they possibly can, there are actually some reasons why continuity programs can make sense, both in terms of subscribing to them as a buyer and in promoting them as an affiliate.  In this post, I’ll talk about continuity programs in a bit more detail and explain how they can make sense for buyers while being profitable products to promote, as well.

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Continuity Programs – Watch for This Trap

Continuity Programs – Watch Out!

When you buy a product online, particularly in the make money online niche, you’re likely to be told that “the only thing you need” is the product described on the sales page.  Then you decide to buy it only to be offered a succession of upsells that will “take you to the next level.”  The most dangerous upsell and one that’s usually offered last, is membership in continuity programs, or membership sites.  They’ll not only take money from you now, but they’ll continue to take money from you every month.

continuity programs never endThe make money online niche is constantly changing, as things that are profitable sometimes stop working and marketers are always on the lookout for the next way to earn a dollar.  Over the years, the process of forcing customers through a sales funnel has become more refined, and many experienced Internet marketers now know that the primary product, known as the front end, isn’t necessarily the product that’s going to earn the most money for you. It’s the continuity programs on the back end that’s going to make the big money for them.

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