Make Money Online – Why Systems Fail

Make Money Online – The Constantly Changing Game


make money online in 2016I’ve been working in the make money online niche for more than ten years now, and in that time, I have built more than two thousand Websites.  I’ve written ebooks.  I’ve sold training programs.  I’ve worked as an affiliate marketer for dozens of companies.  I’ve sold products via direct retail (and still do.)  There have been times when I was very successful, times when I wasn’t, and times when things were steady, but unspectacular.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my decade as an Internet marketer, it’s that change is a constant companion.  Something will work really well one day, bring in lots of cash, and then…nothing.  Sometimes, it’s worse than nothing, when you suddenly find yourself losing money doing something that was profitable just a short time ago.  Why does this happen?   Why do plans to make money online work one day and not the next?

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Making Money Online – Who Succeeds?

Making Money Online – What’s the Secret?


If there’s one thing I see a lot in the course if this business, it’s desperation.  I see it on marketing forums and I see it in the email messages I receive from this site.  “I really need money.  Please help.”  “What can I do to make money today?”  Desperation comes in varying degrees, of course; some people are literally starving while others are simply out of work and have no income.  They’ve heard that there are ways of making money online, and they are hoping that someone, somewhere, will tell them “the secret” so that they can start earning piles of cash.

making money onlineThere is certainly no shortage of people who want to sell “the secret” to you, and it’s usually in the form of a system of some kind.  You buy an ebook or some software, and you do what the book tells you to do, and then the money rolls in.  There are lots of people selling such systems and most of them make a lot of money….selling the system.  I’m not so sure that they’re actually making any money from using the system.  The profits come from offering that system to desperate buyers.   There’s a problem with that, however, and if you don’t pay attention to it, you’ll have problems making money online.

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Not Making Money? Possible Reasons

Making Money – 5 Reasons It’s Not Working

The entire point of this blog is to help people learn about making money online.  It’s not necessarily easy to do, but once you get a taste of success, you’ll realize that it can be a lot of fun and it’s usually more interesting to work from home than to work at some job you hate.  Still, a lot of people struggle to earn that first dollar, and some people never get that far.  The reasons vary, and there could be a thousand reasons why any single individual isn’t succeeding in Internet marketing.

making money onlineAlthough it’s hard to generalize, as we’re all different, there are a handful of reasons why most people who fail to succeed in making money online are failing.  There are some common problems that affect a lot of people in this industry, and if you’re struggling to earn that first dollar, you might want to look over the following list and see if any of these problems might apply to you.  If so, they can be fixed, and perhaps you’ll soon be on your way to seeing some success in affiliate marketing or whatever other method you’re using.

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Making Money Online For Newbies

Getting Started Making Money Online


Tens of thousands of people are interested in making money online, and chances are that you are, too.  Working for yourself is a great way to earn a living, and there are numerous advantages to Internet marketing over having a regular job.  While it’s nice that there’s no one to tell you what to do; that’s also the downside – there’s no one to tell you what to do.  You’re going to have to figure it out for yourself or at least find some guidelines, or you’re going to find yourself unable to earn money.

making money onlineThere’s no real secret to making money online; you’ll find that what you need to do to earn a living in Internet marketing of any kind is to do what other successful businesses are doing.  Then you copy what works, add your own twists and personality, and take it from there.  The main thing that you need to understand is that it’s going to take some time.  you’re not going to get rich right away, and you may never get rich.  You can, with some time, effort, and patience, earn a decent living, however, and for most people, that’s good enough.

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Making Money Online Isn’t Easy

The Realities of Making Money Online

I get a lot of traffic to this site from people who are searching for reviews of sites that are essentially scams.  The bulk of these sites are those that offer people ways of making money online for doing relatively little work, such as taking surveys or for reading news articles.  It’s not surprising that these sites attract a lot of attention; the amount of money they offer is considerable (sometimes as much as $1000 per day) while the amount of work involved is negligible.  I get it; lots of money for little or no work is appealing.

making money onlineUnfortunately, many of these people end up spending many hours or days at these sites, hoping to get paid and getting frustrated when they don’t.  Making things worse is the fact that many people who fall for these scams are already in financial trouble and they really need that money that isn’t going to come.  Then, as a result of the reviews I’ve written, I get email messages from people asking “How can I make money online fast?”

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Autopilot Income Isn’t Difficult to Achieve

Autopilot Income – Is it a Big Deal?

If you’ve spent any time looking at sales pages for products that offer to show you how to make money online, you’ll likely encounter the term “autopilot income.”  That certainly sounds impressive; who wouldn’t want to make money on autopilot?  But what does it really mean?  Is autopilot income a particularly unusual thing?  How hard is it to achieve autopilot income?

autopilot incomeMaking money in the brick and mortar world generally involves either working for someone as an employee or running some kind of business where you either perform a service for people or sell things to them at retail.  Obviously, doing work like that is necessarily going to be “hands-on” and is going to require your attention on a daily basis.  That’s the way the world works and that’s the way things have been forever.

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Making Money Online is Easier Than Ever

Making Money Online Isn’t Hard Anymore

This may come as a shock to a lot of people, but in many ways, it’s easier making money online than it has ever been before.  Sure, the search engines have gotten a lot more particular about what they’ll put in their indexes and where they’ll rank sites that are built to make money online, but that’s one of the few areas in the making money online niche that has suffered over the years.  In a lot of other ways, things are much simpler than they’ve ever been, and new developments make it easier to work online from home than ever before.

making money onlineDon’t get me wrong; I’m not suggesting that it’s necessarily easy making money online.  It’s work, just as it would be to do anything else for a living.  These days, however, a lot of tasks that used to be quite difficult are now simple enough that even a novice can tackle them.  The great thing about this is that it’s not possible for just about anyone to engage in Internet marketing, where it was once an area that was pretty much limited to those with advanced technical or computer skills.  In addition, the costs of many things related to making money online have dropped over the years, lowering the barriers to entry and making it easier for people with modest amounts of money to invest to get started creating an online business.

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