SENukeTNG Review – A Good SEO Tool Just Got Better

SENukeTNG Review – Easier and Cheaper Backlinks


Price: $77/month


senuketng reviewThere are two things you need to do for your Website to get traffic in addition to creating great content, which, I presume, you’re already doing.  One of those things is taking care of search engine optimization, or SEO.  The other is getting backlinks to your site.  The first is hard; the second one is really time consuming.  That’s where SENukeTNG can help.

SENukeTNG is the latest iteration of a product that was originally called SENuke, which was first released in 2008.  After ten years, the product continues to work well and it’s now even easier to sue than ever before.  The purpose of SENukeTNG is to help you get backlinks to your site through automation, thus saving you time that you can spend doing more productive things, such as creating even more compelling content for your site.  The latest version of SENukeTNG has some pretty amazing features that make an already-good product even better.  Read on for the full SENukeTNG review.

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Magic Submitter Review – Can One Tool Do it All?

Magic Submitter Review – Automated Backlinks?


If you’re building a Website, you’re going to need visitors.  It’s possible to get traffic from the search engines via search engine optimization, or SEO, but it’s a lot easier if you give the search engines a reason to send traffic to your site.  One good reason is because a lot of other sites are linking to you, as the search engines consider a link to a site to be a vote for that site.  It’s hard to get backlinks naturally, but Magic Submitter says it can do it for you automatically.

magic submitter reviewObtaining backlinks naturally is a time consuming process.  You have to create compelling content, hope people will find it, and hope the people who do find it like it enough to post a link to it on their own site.  Of course, if there aren’t any links to your content anywhere, how is anyone going to find your site in the first place?  That’s a problem that many Webmasters encounter, particularly with new sites.  That’s why Magic Submitter was created.  It can post content to article directories, video sites, blogs, press release sites, forums, PDF sites and more, and you can schedule it to work automatically.  Does Magic Submitter work?  Or is it just a scam?  Read on for our full Magic Submitter review.

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