Stay Safe – Mix It Up

Internet Marketing – Try to Stay Diverse


banned from facebookIn Internet marketing, the advice you usually get from people is to find a niche and stick with it.  That’s generally good advice; by working in a single niche, you’ll become an expert at it, and people tend to look for experts.  Eventually, you’ll find your audience.

How you go about that, however, is vitally important, and it’s critical that everything you do be diversified.  That specifically means how you go about promoting your site and how you monetize it.  It’s OK to stick with one thing in terms of what you’re doing, but you definitely want to be as diverse as possible when it comes to how you go about doing it.

Why do I bring this up?  Because I went to log in to my Facebook account yesterday and couldn’t log in.  I got a message that said that my account had been disable due to an unspecified violation of the site’s terms of service.  They wouldn’t even tell me why my account had been disabled, or what, if anything, I had done to bring this ban about.  In order to get anywhere, I was going to have to prove my identity to Facebook by sending them scans of multiple forms of identification.

Their first reply was to tell me that the scan of my driver license that I had sent them was not sufficient proof of my identity.

Not good.

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Social Media – Helpful Tool or Useful Menace?

Social Media – Help or Hindrance?

The emergence of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more has dramatically changed the shape of Internet marketing over the years.  Millions of people spend a great deal of time at social media sites, some of it productive and some not.  Many affiliate marketers and others who want to work online from home spend a lot of time there, too, and quite a few swear by it.  While there are benefits to social media, there are also a lot of problems with it, particularly as it applies to anyone trying to earn a living online.

social mediaThis piece is part helpful advice and part rant.  One particular social media site has somewhat rubbed me the wrong way this week, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to point out some of the problems that can result if you rely on social media as a method of getting visitors to your site or your product.  It can work, but sometimes, the sites themselves will get in the way…on purpose.

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