WordPress Hacks – Harden Your Website

WordPress Hacks – Keep Your Site Secure


wordpress hacksI haven’t posted much here lately, as I’ve had a lot going on with some of my other sites.  I also had a problem over the recent holiday weekend when my entire server went down, leaving all of my Websites unavailable for more than 48 hours.  What was that all about?

WordPress hacks.  Dozens or hundreds of hackers were trying to break into my WordPress installations.  On this particular server, I have about a dozen sites, and all but one of them are built with WordPress.  It’s a great platform for building sites or blogs, but it does have some well-known security issues, and WordPress hacks is one of the biggest problems facing people who build their sites with the free tool.

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WordPress Hacks and How to Stop Them

WordPress Hacks Can Hurt You

In just a few short years, WordPress has become the Web’s leading Website creation tool.  It’s free, it’s versatile, it’s easy to configure, and there are tens of thousands of third-party addons to help make your site more useful to both you and your site’s visitors.  One of the other great benefits is documentation; I’ve never had a problem with WordPress for which I couldn’t quickly find a solution online.  But with popularity comes risks, and WordPress hacks represent a huge threat to affiliate marketers.

wordpress hacksWhy would someone engage in WordPress hacks?  Simple – money.  If you can find a site that gets a lot of traffic and somehow install some code on that site that works to your benefit, you can easily make a lot of money without having to do much work.  One of the more clever WordPress hacks I’ve read about was a case where an affiliate marketer had their site hacked.  The hacker changed every single affiliate link on the site to their own link.  When people visited the site and bought something through the affiliate link, the hacker got paid for the sale instead of the site owner.  Thee are affiliate sites that earn more than a thousand dollars per day, so WordPress hacks like that one can do a lot of damage.

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