7 Tips for Creating Viral Content

Viral Content and How to Create It

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While creating content is an essential part of building an affiliate marketing Website, it’s also part of how you are going to draw traffic.  Good content will draw visitors to your site, and the ability to create good content is always a plus.  Viral content, which is content that gets shared heavily around the Web, is a great way to build traffic as well as your brand.  By creating viral content, you can essentially get others to share your articles and effectively promote your Website for your for free.

viral contentWhile it’s often thought that creating viral content is rather like catching lightning in a bottle, there’s actually a method to that madness.  It turns out that statistical analysis has revealed that there are certain qualities that can affect whether or not a common article becomes viral content.  While you never know for sure if an article that you write is going to spread like wildfire around the Web, there are a few things you can do to increase the likelihood that your article will be wildly shared.  Read on for our 7 tips for creating viral content.

Viral Content in 7 Steps

It turns out that there’s a bit of a formula to creating viral content.  That’s not to say that if you do all of the things suggested in this article that you’ll be awash in traffic immediately.  But it does suggest that the articles that do “go viral” have a number of things in common.  That being the case, it is possible emulate those steps, and that will go a long way towards helping you get more free traffic to your Website.  Every little bit helps, so below we’ll list those things that work the best.


Be sure to include floating share buttons – This one should be obvious, so we’ll put it first.  If you want viral content, you need to provide an easy to use mechanism for that content to go viral.  For that reason, you want to include share buttons so that people can share your articles on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Viral content is all about the sharing, so be sure to make your content as easily shared as possible.

Make sure your keyword is in your article title and in your URL – This should be obvious, and if you’ve been good about using search engine optimization techniques in creating your site, you’d already know to use your keyword in both your title and your URL.  It also helps to keep your URLs short, though it’s hard to say what constitutes a “short” URL. Use your own judgement, but the shorter, the better.  The best viral content is that which is easy to share.

Using a plural version of your keyword – This one seems odd, but for some reason, readers prefer a plural version of the keyword to the singular.  So if you want to share some sort of secret with your readers, for instance, you’d be better off coming up with more than one and making a point of using the word “secrets” in your title instead.

viral content uses numbersUse numbers in your headlines – Headlines with numbers in them have come to be known as “listicles” and these types of articles, which are essentially lists of tips, suggestions, or related items, tend to do very well in the viral content department.  In fact, headlines that contain numbers generally get 36% more clicks than headlines without them.  It turns out that people just like numbered lists of things, so why not create some?

Keep the numbers in your headlines odd – This one seems really strange, and I can’t see what difference it would make, but the kind of number that you use in your headline actually matters.  It turns out that for whatever reason, headlines that contain an odd number tend to get about 20% more clicks than headlines that contain even numbers.  So if you have a list of four things that you’d like to write about, you’ll get a lot more traffic if you find one more thing and make the number five instead.  It likely also works better to have a digit, rather than the word, in your title, so be sure to use “5” instead of “five.”

viral image


Use an image for Pinterest fans – People like photos, and if your article has photos that are Pinterest-friendly, you’ll get a lot more engagement and that will increase the chances of your article becoming viral content.   For some reason, the statistics gurus say that the optimal image is 735 pixels wide and has somewhat of a reddish or orange color.  Why does it matter? It’s hard to say, but that’s what people are clicking on.  Be sure to include some text with the photo.

Professional photos work best – People like high quality images.  We’re not suggesting that you hire a photographer, but obtaining images from good stock image sites, for example, can go a long way towards making sure that your photo, and the article that accompanies it, gets shared around the Web in the best possible manner.  Sometimes, it’s all about the photos, rather than the text, but for you, it’s all about getting visitors to your site, so whatever works best is what you should use.  In the case of photos, high quality images rule.

Viral Content Summary

There’s a lot to getting visitors to your site, and any way you do it is worthwhile.  Obviously, if you’re on a budget, you’d like to find a way to get those visitors for free, if possible.  While good content with keyword-optimized titles will certainly help, tweaking your articles in order to add the attributes above will certainly help a lot more and might cause your articles to become viral content, where thousands of people share it with everyone you know.  There are sites such as the Huffiington Post and Gawker that specialize in creating these sorts of listicles with clickbait headlines and they’re quite effective.  If you’re interested in getting a lot of visitors to your site with the least amount of trouble and expense, then creating viral content is a great way to go.




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